Sourcing – Production – Logistics

With Sourcing Factory you get direct access to international resources to have your products and product components manufactured. BENCHMARK PLUS offers you 25 years of know-how in working with global markets and purchasing specialists directly on site.


We do global order-related sourcing of raw material, basic material, product components, consumer goods, capital goods and services. Our clients are using our experience, personnel resources and contacts world-wide, to be able to act intensively, comprehensively and professional. Through our international bases we find the right manufacturers and suppliers for our customers.


According to the instructions of our clients (e.g. drawings, samples, photos, …) we find the demanded products or components produced in accordance with our customers. This will be realized with carefully selected manufacturers in that country, where we can get the necessary quality, favorable basic conditions und advantages.


We act as logistic partner between the manufacturer/supplier and the customer, if asked for. In this case we supply the goods DDU/DDP to our customer. And so our customer has an EU-contract-partner and no third-country-one.

Your Plus

Sourcing Factory is your chance to save costs, increase profits and present yourself innovatively.

  • International sourcing possibilities – increased potential
  • Support through external international competence
  • Relief of your purchasing Department
  • Speeding up the procurement process
  • Saving cost on procurement process
  • Elimination of linguistic and cultural barriers
  • EU resident business partner – Benchmark Plus
  • No logistic efforts and expenses for you
  • Competition advantages for you
  • Increased profits by lower expenses on
    the procurement process and more favourable purchasing

Procurement process

Depending on the requirements of our clients, the size or complexity of the order, the procurement process contains different steps to gain a successful business process. However, steps are basically similar and can be summarized as follows:

Global Sourcing: observing global procurement markets, locating / establishing of new manufacturers/suppliers

Evaluation: evaluating of new manufacturers/suppliers, translation / interpreting

Contract: negotiations (prices and conditions), make contracts and secure them

Production control: supervision and accompany of production process, supervision and secure of delivery dates

Final inspection: quality assurance, quality control, final inspection

Control of Loading and Logistics:
completion of logistics, transport, customs clearance


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if you want to purchase products, product components, product series or individual parts. BENCHMARK PLUS works with production partners worldwide and opens up new production capacities for you.