With Benchmark Plus you get direct access to international resources for the production of your products or product components. Regardless of the production site or country of production, Benchmark Plus acts as an importer, supplier, logistics partner and local contract partner.


According to the product specifications and characteristics, we choose the production site and the sourcing country where we can find the required quality, the most favorable conditions and most advantages.

This way, you can make optimal use of international resources with a local contractual partner.

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Benchmark Plus offers you made-to-order production and finished products as required and ensures you have the appropriate production capacities with stable and international productions.

Get our best offers

Based on carefully selected production sites, you will receive the best offer from Benchmark Plus, as your local contractual partner and direct contact.

Your benefits after placing an order

During the order phase, Benchmark Plus takes care of production process, quality control, deadline assurance and logistics processing.

Machinery park

From small and large processing machines to processing centers for workpieces measuring up to 18,000 x 5,000 x 4,000 mm

Products and references

Turned and milled parts
Laser-cut tubes
sheet metal parts
Welding constructions

Mechanical engineering
Tanks / Vessels / Pipes / Silos
Buffer tank / heat exchanger
Steel constructions

Stamped / formed parts and tools
Molds / castings / rubber parts
Plastic and silicone parts
injection molding tools

hydraulic cylinders / accessories
electronic components
consumer goods

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